Windows 7 security causing a problem


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Jul 21, 2012
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Hi people, I hope there is someone here that can help with my problem. I have a workbook with a hyperlink to a Yahoo, up to the minute, currency rate of exchange, site. The latest R.o.E is automatically downloaded, the code then copies the data, and pastes it into my workbook. Everything works fine in Excel 2003 but when the wb is used in Excel 2007, and the hyperlink is activated, a "Windows Security" dialogue box appears asking for a password. If I click on "Cancel" the download hangs for about 15 secs, and then continues and completes. This message does not appear if I activate a hyperlink to a normal website. Firstly, is there a way, using code, that this message can be bypassed or, failing this, what password is being asked for? I need this info because my wb will be used by other people, and will lead to confusion if they are using Excel 2007. I can attach a simplified version of the wb if required.
Thanks in advance to any helpers.
Cheers, John.