VLOOKUP & IF(ISBLANK to merge sheet and not overwrite existing data


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Feb 11, 2014
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I'm almost done with a pretty big project but merging the data into an existing file is giving me issues. I need a vlookup that skip a cell if there is already a value in it. Example doc is attached.

The formula should look at the 'Original' sheet (table2) and if the cell contains a value (lets say P3) simply return that value to P3 on the 'Combined' sheet. If the cell is empty return the value from B3 in cell P3 on the Combined sheet.

Basically I need to merge the two but not overwrite any of the existing information or the original sheet.

Is the combined sheet even necessary? Or can something be created directly on the original?

The best I can do on the IF(ISBLANK statement is =IF(ISBLANK(Table2[@[Football Name]]),TRUE,(Table2[@[Football Name]])) but that doesn't seem right and I don't know how integrate it with a vlookup or index/match so I can apply it to all the rows and columns.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

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