VBA: send row to another worksheet and copy row to multiple worksheets based on colum


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Jul 21, 2014
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I would be eternally grateful for your help on the following:

As you will see from the attached spreadsheet I have sheets named: Activities, Completed January Febuary March etc... I have been struggling with this issue for one week as I cannot write VBA and although there are many similar examples out there - none seem to fit; although part of that problem is my inability to manipulate the code too!

I am currently designing a tool to log progress on an improvement plan. The master sheet/"Activities" sheet logs all improvements that are outstanding. A second sheet/"Completed" sheet should hold any improvements that have been met. 12 other sheets (January - December) will hold the history of that improvement since it was logged as "Outstanding" to the time it is "Met". To explain - an improvement can be monitored several times but might not be classified met i.e. "monitored but unmet". I need to capture on the relevant month tab that at that time that improvement was "Monitored but unmet".

Based on the scenario described above, I hope I have articulated the questions suitably below:

1. That when the status of Column A is changed from "Outstanding" to "Met" that the entire row is sent to the Completed Sheet and the original row in Activities sheet is deleted
2. That when the status of Column A is changed from Outstanding to "Monitored but unmet" that the entire row is copied to the relevant month sheet (column I) but that the original row remains and that the code allows that row to be used repetedly to select "Monitored but unmet" . The row should only disappear from the Activities sheet when the status is changed from "Outstanding" to "Met" (as described in 1). Each of the month sheets will act as a chronology for all the occasions in that year that the activity was "Monitored but unmet".

Thanks you for your altruism and brilliance