VBA code to update External Workbook

Ben McNicholas

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Sep 18, 2012
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Oakham, United Kingdom
Hi guys, I hope someone can help me with a code.

I'm trying to tally all the different types of query calls our call centre gets and I am building a tool that all the operators can have in front of them while taking calls. The workbook they'll have will have a bunch of buttons, and they'll quickly click the relevant button depending what the query was (Was the customer chasing a parcel?, Was the customer having issues with the website? etc.).

What I would like is a macro that will update a cell in a seperate workbook every time an operator clicks a button. For instance, here is what I have so far:
Sub Increment2() 
    Dim lNum As Long 
    lNum = Cells(100, 2).Value 'B100 change to suit
     'first check that a number is entered
    If Cells(100, 2).Value = "" Then 
        lNum = 1 
        Cells(100, 2).Value = lNum 
    Else: Cells(100, 2).Value = lNum + 1 
    End If 
End Sub

This allows me to tally in cell A100 how many times that particular button was clicked (the number increases by 1 every time the button is clicked) and I have amended each button to display consecutively in cells B100, C100, D100 etc. I would like the code to do the same thing but in a different workbook so I have just one file to look at how many times each person clicked each button - so I can create graphs from the evidence easily.

Heres the file path info:

Workbook with relevant buttons - O:\UK\CUSTSERVICE\Common\Tally Form\Tally Form.xls
Destination Workbook to collate results - O:\UK\CUSTSERVICE\Common\Tally Form\Results.xls (Any Cell reference will do - Perhaps just A1)

I hope this makes sense, I'm pretty new to VBA

Thanks in advance!