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Nov 9, 2012
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When i open a outlook email from an application it has the below information:

From field : Blank
To Field : me@xyz.com;you@abc.com
Subject line: Payment Invoice for Subscriber No:123456
Body of the email:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for subscribing to the E-bill service. Your transaction bill for this month has been generated. Please find the soft copy of your bill attached with this email.

Details of the payment are mentioned below:
Transaction detail
Relationship Number 123456
Subscriber Number 7891013
Payment Due Date 29-11-2012
Payment Amount : $ 327

Signature Line:

Thank you for choosing ABC Bank….

Customer Care
ABC Limited

Please subscribe to e-bills to Save paper & save the planet.
To get your bills through mails SMS ACTEBILL < email ID > and send it to 4545 or write to customercare@abcltd.com

Feel free to call us at our 24X7 Contact Center. Our Customer service executives will be happy to assist you

I need a macro for the below scenario:

1) From field should be "email2kmahe@gmail.com"

2) Subject line should be changed to "1st Reminder - Please pay the payment to avoid sur charges" by overwriting the existing subject line.

3) Highlighted information in the above body of the mail in green color should be overwritten with the below information:

a. Kindly pay the bill at the earliest to avoid sur charges. Please ignore if already paid.

Payment Services Dept
ABC Bank Ltd

C. Bottom of the email the below should get added

This is an automated e-mail. Please do not send any reply to this e-mail.

If you don't have Acrobat Reader, please download The information provided is based on prevailing terms and conditions of the company, which are subject to change without prior notice. This electronic message transmission contains information from ABC Communications Ltd. & is confidential or privileged. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, beware that any disclosure, copy distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited. If you have received the electronic transmission in error please notify us immediately.

Need a VB code for the above....

Thanks for support in advance


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