Using Excel to Solve for a Goal Rate on new Units Sold


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Jul 21, 2013
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I'm stuck trying to use excel to solve for the rate needed to be charged on incremental units sold. This is based on already having sold a bunch of units at a certain rate and now needing to look forward month by month to solve for the rate needed to get the ENTIRE cumulative units sold to reach the goal rate.

So while I can estimate that the incremental units sold are inching toward the goal rate, I need a process/formula that allows me to see in a separate column what I would have actually had to price those incremental units sold at in order to reach the goal rate of 2.00 for the year. I think this might be at least a column that shows weighted average or sumproduct. But do I need a scenario manager to get the rate that I should have charged for each month versus what I actually charged?