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Jan 17, 2013
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I'm struggling to get an exact formula for an excel spreadsheet that I'm designing, I would like some help
There are actually two spreadsheets are for quantitative data for an area of vegetation.
I'll try to explain to see if I am understood.
Worksheet 1:
Servings: the plots of land are areas of 10X10, each plot contains different species of trees in varying amounts, the amount of plot changes as the size of the land
Common name: is the common name of the plant found in each plot
scientific name
Quantity: quantity q each plant was found by plot

That said I need is a second table, a locator, which informs me that the plant was in greater quantity in each plot.

What does the amount of plants and species in each plot, as scientific and common names change with each new terrain analysis.

The location of the plants in larger amounts are used to make a turn collector.

I can't post the image, so if you want to help me...I'll send you the table by email!!!!

Today the formula I'm using for the locator is:
= VLOOKUP ($ G $ 6, $ B $ 5: $ E $ 151, 2, FALSE) and = MAX (K133: K139) for the amount, it worked the first time q did the table, but now I had to change it, is not working anymore, as you can see in the picture
Thank you
I really need this tableplanilha.jpg