Unrecognized graphic/symbol appearing in Excel 2010 and 2013. What might it be?


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Jun 24, 2014
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Hello all - first time post. An unrecognized symbol or graphic is appearing in a workbook ( it appears the same both in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013) that I am helping troubleshoot. It appears as a solid diagonal line with arrow points at both ends On the tip of each of the arrow ends is a small black filled dot. On the top end a small graphic that looks like a tiny worksheet with blank cells appears. When I double click on the line a "Go To" dialog box appears. The reference listed is in regards to another cell in another sheet contained in the workbook. we do not know how this item got on the workbook, nor do we know how to remove it from the workbook. Has anyone ever seen this? I've tried inserting an image or attachment but that doesn't appear to be working for me. Thanks so much for any expert advice you can offer!
In the Formulas tab of the ribbon, in the Formula Auditing section, click on Remove Arrows.
Thank you for the suggestion p45cal! I did as you suggested and indeed the arrow disappeared from view. However, after saving the updated workbook, the arrow line reappeared, jumping to another cell location in the same sheet. After another removal and save, same result. The arrow line reappears each time I attempt it. So weird. You may be on to something so I will continue to poke around in that Formula ribbon and see if anything works to remove that pesky arrow line. Thanks again.
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Is there any code (macros) in the sheet?