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Jun 21, 2019
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Actually, Power Query was developed as an ETL tool ( extraction -> transformation -> loading). But applications can also be developed with it. Some time ago, I had discovered for the question "In-house equipment rental" that the data can be read in a query, which is output again at the end. At some point I had the idea to use this for a to-do list.

Without looking at other to-do apps, I thought about what would be important to me in a to-do list, which should also be usable for appointment reminders.

First of all, these are recurring activities/appointments whose periodicity should be very flexible to determine. Compared to the note management or also Excel tables, it is the automated handling of new and completed activities and appointments.

Thus it was important to me to be able to plan recurring activities and appointments as flexibly as possible, which are then shown in the to-do list for the desired time horizon, together with one-time activities and appointments. It should then be possible to make processing comments and completion notes on this list. Completion notes should then lead to the fact that completed items move into the archive and thus the to-do list shows no unnecessary activities and appointments.

Meaningful extensions can be called gladly. I will then at least think about whether these can be realized and whether that appeals to me.

Enclosed is a workbook with demo data, as well as a docu, in which I hope all functions are described.

Note: Possibly the date formats must be adapted in the workbook.

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