Synchronise Excel with Frontpage


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Oct 3, 2014
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I use Frontpage 2003 in XP mode on a Windows 7 PC. When editing part of a website in Frontpage a list of folders and an Excel spreadsheet are displayed. The spreadsheet reflects what is in that part of the website and references such things as images, pdf's, etc.

For example, I create a folder in Frontpage and add some pdf files to the folder, then in the spreadsheet I can right click and add a hyperlink for each pdf file.

However, if I create a folder in Frontpage and the Excel spreadsheet is already open, I can't see the new folder when trying to add a hyperlink in the spreadsheet. For Excel to recognise the new folder I have to close the spreadsheet and reopen it. The spreadsheet is protected and requires me to enter my logon credentials to open it. Not a big problem but it is costing me a lot of time and is quite annoying, especially when my colleagues PC, which has the same setup, displays any new folders created in Frontpage without having to close the spreadsheet.

Does anybody have an idea what causes this?

Thanks in advance