SumIf(S) formula with special criteria across two spreadsheets


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Jul 24, 2013
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Hi Guys,

New here to these forums hoping I could get a quick response for a particularly complicated excel question.

What im trying to do is Sum a particular set of data that occurs multiple times on database1 based on what the column to the left of it says. I then want this summed data to be placed into database2 which has a set of data that is only listed once and the totals column to be summed in the column right next to it.

Ive attached both database1 and database2 for reference I can better explain what exactly I need.

When referencing these two databases basically I want the SumIf(S) function or whichever function is applicable to take the data from Column11 of database1, Sum the total number for each occurance based on column 10 and once that sum is totaled I want that value to be pasted into Column 50 of database 2.
To be more specific on why i need this formula to work this way is that database1 has multiple sets of data for initials AA for example(if you sort it for AA youll notice that AA has 15
sets of data and the totals row that auto sums those 15 data points. I want that 230 from the totals row to carry over to match up with the AA in database 2. This doesnt have to take the totals row but it needs to sum each of those 15 data points and be carried to database 2.

started to work on this formula but realized its way over my head with excel

Id like to keep this out of VBA if possible also and greatly appreciate any help/support given. If you need clarification i can provide more information.
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