Small vba code needed, am newbie so help required


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Jan 16, 2014
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My vba code to copy row A110 of "Mod" worksheet to A9 in Table A of "Email Data" worksheet using some logic like -
in Mod worksheet it searches for data i.e. "COUNT(DISTINCTM.TRANS_ID)" if found then it searches for "row selected" and it searches for data between the two . And then it pastes 34864 to A9 of Email Data worksheet . I have written code for this but it doesn't works.

Also i need vba code similarly for searching "CAP_ACTV_LN_SEQ" and then the values inside it to be pasted i.e. row 128 and row 129 in Mod worksheet to be pasted in table e in Email Data worksheet . Remember there are 2 rows but there can be any number of row anytime.

Also the vba code for "NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION'" is there in the sheet which is working fine. It can be used for your reference.

Button for Vba code to work is present in "Email Data" worksheet.

Excel sheet attached. I am very week in vba programming so any help will be great .

View attachment Worksheet .xlsm