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Bob Phillips

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Mar 21, 2011
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The site is showing up oddly for me, the options are listed vertically at the top of the page, rather than horizontal buttons. Anyone else seeing this?
None Roger, I have been fitting skirting-board all day, need a clear head.

I am using FF. But it was fine before yesterday.
Hi Bob...

I am also using FF, Version 4.01, it seems that the CSS from the forum is not
correctly loaded. I experienced a similar problem on other sites some time ago.
In my case, clearing the cache helped.

I pressed Ctrl+Shift+Del to call the dialogue, then unchecked all checkboxes
excepted "cache" (to keep my logins, history, etc) and clicked on the delete

Hope this helps for you.

Best regards :)
Excellent, clearing cache cured it. I wonder what caused it?
Wow, that's weird... I'm glad you had a solution to this Mourad. I wouldn't have had a clue where to start!
Hi Bob, Hi Ken,

I can imagine that the CSS File (as it is generated or dynamically got with PHP by the forum software) was not fully transferred from the server to the local cache. And the styles for the menu bar (nav style class/id) were then missing. Then the menu bar on the top take its "default" look (it's a HTML list tag) and therefore the items appear each one below the other. The thing, I find strange, is that IMHO a browser normally automatically recognizes changes in size or date of linked files when loading a page. Why the browser did not do it so this case, don't know.

PS: on Firefox, I am using the Firebug plugin/add-on for seeing the styles, loading behaviour of a site, etc. Real cool plugin, let's you also for example disable styles and see the effects live and much more things. The IE has also its very cool web developer tools (F12), as I know they are included per default since IE8.

Best regards :)
vBulletin seems to do that regular, i wonder sometimes if it's to do with the cookies, as access to the forum uses cookies and holds the last visit ....etc I thought it might be related to that, normally forcing the reload (Ctrl+F5) does the trick.