select worksheets dialog box - How to change code from print to send to email?


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Oct 2, 2012
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Hi and many thanks in advance if anyone can help with this I will be most appreciative of - ( I am very new to VBA & Macro end of Excel)
I am making custom time sheets to suit our agriculture business - these excel sheets get sent out to the different farm managers who send back in staff times.

  1. This code below is brilliant and works perfect for our needs.
    1. However I would like after selecting the required worksheets for a command that comes up and says please select print method.
      1. EMAIL eg: one Email - which then sends the selected sheets to the email box as as one Email pdf. attachment.
      2. PDF : end user can PDF sheets and save on computer
      3. Print: Go to printer for a hard copy print.
    2. If this is not possible then definitely the first option is the most needed. EMAILView attachment testTS300912.xls
    3. The zzz_sheet is part of the code I would like to be able to hide this sheet the functions still work but it seems to not work if I hide this sheet. I would prefer for it not to be seen.

Cheers any help greatly appreciated and thanks Isa