Seat Allocation using Formula in Excel


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Jan 9, 2013
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Hi, I need to setup the seat allocation in excel, in the attached file I have details of the teams & number of advisors in every team to be seated the data is in L1:p11 in the attached sheet. Now, I am trying to allocate the same number of seats in another area in the same sheet (B2:I2); This is a group of 4 sets of 2 rows containing 16 seats each. I tried this with the simple countif, and if formulas, on a reduction basis, based on the number of seats left to be allocated. This has also involved using Circular Reference. I dont have a problem with using Circular Reference, I also increased the number of iterations in calculations to 100 with Maximum change bieng 0.001. Butt the result for this is vague and isnt the one I desire. Although I could use Macros to distribute this, I am unable to use them due to some problems with the security at the office as it doesnt let macros run. Hence the solution will have to be formula based. Kindly help.


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