Search and replace data.


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Mar 1, 2013
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I have a workbookwith a three spreadsheets with data in them that I need to search for matchingdata and replace the data on one of the sheets; I would like to use a macro ifpossible.

Theworksheet called BOM LINE column C has to be search for any number ending in X,XX or XXX then I need to find the corresponding number from the BOM LINE columnA in the sheet ROUTE LINE sheet in column A there will be multiples of this numberin the ROUTE LINE sheet column A the unique identifier will be column B on theROUTE LINE sheet this number will be the same on the BOM LINE sheet column E nextI need to look in the sheet BOM LINE column C and find the same number in the worksheetXData column A and then copy the data in column B to column C of the worksheet ROUTELINE Sheet. An example of what I am looking for is in the attached.


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