search and enter specific information on the next blank line without deleting


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Jul 19, 2013
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[h=2]I am pretty sure this is possible, but it seems more than my knowledge level.

What I am wanting to do is to go in and use the "Absence Memo" to grab information and put it in another spreadsheet.

When someone goes in and types information into the Absence memo, I want it to take the name of the Doctor (B7) and the first date away, last date away, and reason for the absence (F12, A13, and D12) and place that information into the ProjectedActual page under the doctors name on the next blank line for them.

For example: the attached document has a letter for Dr. Adatia. He is to be away from August 1-5 for academic reasons. I want this information to be entered into the ProjectedActual page in cells B35 (August 1), B36 (August 5) and B37 (academic)

Problem is, when the information gets changed in the Absence Memo sheet, as will happen frequently, I don't want the information that was sent in the past to be deleted.

Is this possible?
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