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Dec 20, 2021
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Hello, I am looking to extract data from a public real estate appraisers website, researching on YouTube suggested Power BI b/c of feature to "add a table using and Example tool" unavailable in Power Query. Not sure if this is the right forum, but just started using Power BI. (I am a novice)

This is the website I'm working to get data from: https://hcad.org/quick-search/

Process #1) Basically, I enter in portions of Search Criteria to produce a record, and it outputs the record I'm looking to extract, but the results in a Frame, (so I don't have a clean .html page reference to copy/paste into "Query from Web" source in Power BI). I'm using Chrome browser.

Any suggested work arounds to this? How to find the Frame .html for the various tables with data?

Process #1, above, would basically be a manual search each time per record, but I actually have a separate data source with say 100 records properties with "Account Numbers" (so I wouldn't need to enter partial address information).

so, in a Process #2).. any suggestions to initiate the query to the URL & "replace/substitute" the "Search by" with the "Account Number" from other data set? (ie automate it the search for 100 records in 1 step?). I was just thinking, since if there is a way to find the Frame Source .html, it will likely have the "Account Number" referred to in the URL anyways, but unsure if there is a way to replace this in the query with actual Account numbers.

Image attached for reference, Thanks in advance!


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