Pulling select information from a column on one spreadsheet to a column on another


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Mar 23, 2013
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Hi, could someone give me a hand with this spreadsheet I'm working on? I have two spreadsheets that the maintenance personnel at my company will use to fill in information about the different properties as they do their inspections They are 'Maintenance Checklist' and 'Kitchen Supplies'. Column 'C' on both spreadsheets is where all pertinent info. that needs to be seen by owners will go, but not every row within column 'C' will have data entered into it. My goal: to have a different spreadsheet (call it 'Owner Summary') pull information from column 'C' in 'Maintenance Checklist' and another separate list for column 'C' in 'Kitchen Supplies' and compile it into a list that does not include the blank rows. Anyone have suggestions? I've given it a go using the basic structure of a module that I've used for other spreadsheets, but I'm having no luck getting this one to run. Thanks for reading! If a sample workbook would help then I can provide one.