Outlook Email Issues With VBA


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May 17, 2013
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Have a sheet

Column A = Name (input by textbox)
Column B = Job Number (input by text box)
Column C = Email address (retrieved by V-lookup)

On user entry, first empty row in the sheet is detected and values of A,B and C alongwith "Static Timestamp" is input in Column D of Job Start Time and a running counter time calculation in Column E.

Need some assistance here in terms of sending emails under following conditions:

1. When Job Time is started email should be sent to 2 static addresses (which I have allready done) and the Starter of the Job (E-mail address in column C of the name input in A)

2. When Job Time exceeds 72 hrs reminder email again to the Job starter

3. When Job is completed user scans Job number - the entire row gets cut and is input in Sheet 2 (Allready done) ; Need to send an email again to corresponding owner (Pending - cant seem to locate it)

Have done a lot of work on it - unfortunately cant straighten some of these kinks.

Appreciate your time