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Hi Ken...

yes, I also have seen this that some functions of the Analysis toolpack seems to be now integrated in Excel (2010) itself. So, I think, I must firstly get all formulas included in the toolpack.

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Hi there...

I have released Version 1.25 Beta of the translator. Following features are new or improved...

  • A rewritten formula parser, which is now, IMHO, better prepared to find keywords in some Excel functions for translating them in later versions of the translator.
  • The translation is being verified by retranslating the result formula to the original language. If this result is then not the same, then something went wrong. A status message is displayed.
  • Quoted text and sheet names in formulas may now be preserved.
  • Spaces before the ( in formulas or in other places of the string may be preserved and correctly recognized.
  • The parser can translate formulas in upper and lower cases. However this currently only works for non specials characters (like ÄÜÖ) and is due to an UTF problem on my server; don't know why.
  • An option for choosing to replace semicolons by commas and vice-versa has been added.
  • The languages displayed (source and target) are new sorted alphabetically depending on the interface language.
  • The buttons for the interface languages moved to the left for better adding more languages later.
  • ...
Feedback is well appreciated, thanks and for me, it's time to test many many formulas :)

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Hay Maninweb,
Great job
I propose some correction about French translation :
- Excel Formula Translator
"Insérez une seule ou une combinaison valide de formules de Microsoft Excel dans le champ de formule source, puis sélectionnez la langue source et la langue cible et définissez éventuellement plus d'options. Les traductions commencent après un clic sur « Traduire la formule » et le résultat s’affiche dans le champ de formule cible."

- Source and Target Language : "Suédois"
- Options : No action = "N'effectuer aucune action"

- I also test the Cell and the Info formula : the [type] is not translated but I am sure you will take care later

Best regards
Hi jpr73...

Un grand merci pour tes corrections :)

Thanks for your corrections, I have changed the strings. The keywords in formulas (like CELL) are currently not translated. I would like to firstly ensure that combinations of formulas are correctly translated, then the keyword translations will be done in a later version and may be, I think, a little bit tricky.

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Hi there...

I have added new languages, 16 languages are now supported and the translator may now also translate formulas in lower cases. PS: the reason you will find Japanese in the translator is that one formula differs from the English ones (DOLLAR = YEN).

I also updated my Excel File with the translations. As this file unfortunately exceeds the allowed size here, I uploaded it on my server; you can find the file here The file contains 19 languages, but in Hebrew and Korean, the formulas are the same as in English. The Excel file also now includes a sheet for comparing formulas between 2 languages.

Best Regards :)
Hi all...

I have updated the formula translator to Version 1.40 Build 100911. New features and updates...

  • The translator has now also its own fanpage at Facebook. And I have created an app there, so that the translator can directly be called from a tab of the fanpage. PS: hoping for some likes :)
  • The translator is now able to translate keywords in the formulas CELL() and INFO(). This means, for example, when entering ZELLE("Dateiname") to translate to English, the output should be CELL("Filename"). The parser expects the keywords at their right argument place. The keyword translation currently only works for German, English and French. This is due to the fact that I have to extract each keyword manually for each language. I will add the keywords step by step.
  • The translator may be also a little bit faster.
  • A next step is the recognition of date and time formats; that's not quite simple and a challenge :)
Best Regards :)
What happened to its online concept?
Hi Bob...

This implementation is also work is progress and will take some time.

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Personally, the online facility is of far more interest to me. The workbook has no interest, so I would think that it would be concentrate on producing a good online version, leave all the fancy fringe bits until later.
Hi all...

I have updated the translator on its website to version 1.50 Build 150911, new features are...
  • Excel error codes like #VALUE! are now also translated when used in ERROR.TYPE(). If you only need the error code, please encapsulate the source error code in a function, for example T().
  • The arguments for CELL() and INFO() are translated. For example ZELLE("Dateiname") results in CELL("filename") in English or CELLULE("nomfichier") in French.
  • The translator now includes 32 languages. These languages are all languages I found on MSDN and having a difference to English.
  • I considered a language to be different to English not only if there was a difference in the Excel functions but also if the error codes and/or arguments for CELL() and INFO() were different. This leads to some cases where a source formula can be equal to a translated formula. Example is Thai, where the only difference I found is INFO("SYSTEM") = INFO("ระบบ").
  • The layout of the online version has changed and uses listboxes instead of the radio buttons.
Best Regards :)
Hi Mourad,

I think your site may be down right now. Can't pull up a page, and your FB fanpage also shows that IE can't connect to the page. Just in case you weren't aware!
Hi Ken...

much thanks for the info :)

Ooh, the site for the translator and all (!) my other sites on this server are now down for the second time this day.
This is caused by my provider (1&1) who seems to really have heavy problems with their dedicated servers,
not only in Germany but also in the US and UK, as I had read on Twitter.

So, I hope they get their problems resolved and while waiting for this, sorry for any inconvenience.

Best Regards :)
Hi all...

I have updated the translator to Version 1.75 Build 151011 :)

In fact, for some languages, many formulas have been renamed back in Excel 2010 SP1 to their old names from Excel 2007. So, these names are different in Excel 2010 and Excel 2010 SP1. An example is the Dutch LOOKUP() formula, which is OPZOEKEN() in Excel 2010 and ZOEKEN() in Excel 2010 SP1. Until version 1.50, the translator used the formulas from Excel 2010 without the SP1. This was not intentional, I had overseen, that I had a problem when installing the Language Packs after the Service Pack. The Excel Version showed SP1, but the LP's were not updated.

Now, the translator allows to choose the used Excel Version; default is the last Excel Version.

Best Regards :)
Hi all...

In fact, for some languages, many formulas have been renamed back in Excel 2010 SP1 ...
Now, the translator allows to choose the used Excel Version; default is the last Excel Version.

This is a major PITA. Ten languages are affected (see and you must install SP1 for each language separately (several Gb of downloads) to be fully updated but there is no word anywhere that tells you this (not that I have seen anyway). So you think you are on SP1, and Excel tells you you are on SP1, but you still see the pre-SP1 changes in some languages.
Hi Tony...

thanks for the tips :)

I had installed Office and all Language Packs available on MSDN in a virtual machine, unfortunately after I installed the SP1 for Office. And yes, this is really a time consuming thing and the VM takes now 48 GB including Windows 7 and Office. Windows Update has offered two Language Pack SP1 (one about 80 MB and one much smaller), which I also installed. On MSDN, I did not find the SP's for the languages or I had overseen them. However, installing the SP's had no effect, Excel still shows the old formulas. I tried several combinations for uninstalling SP1 for Office and/or Languages and reinstallations, no effect. Please note, that I also posted a thread here on TechNet about these procedures.

Hmm, you said "you must install SP1 for each language separately"; this is something what I did not try; if you are meaning to download the Office 2010 SP1 in each language and the install it. Thanks, I will try this.

Best Regards :)
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Hi Tony...

I tried the Office SP1 in Dutch and it works fine, the formulas in Dutch have been updated. Thanks, Tony, for this tip :)
This will save a considerable install time for me; PS: I will also update the thread on TechNet.

Best Regards :)
ya correct nice stuff ..... :redface: