No Automatic Calculation After Imported Data Refreshed


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May 10, 2014
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I am importing comma delimited data from a text file into a 2003 Excel spreadsheet using columns A through E with the rows filling up until the data is exhausted. In columns F through J are formulas that manipulate the data from columns A through E. The data in the text file is updated every minute so once or twice a day I manually refresh the data in the spread sheet to add the new data that has been collected.

Using the fill function (CTL-D) I have filled in many more rows than are needed with the formulas so that when new data is added to columns A through F, the values in columns F through J should be calculated automatically. This is not happening. When I check the formulas are there and reference the cells to the left correctly but the calculations are not being made.

I have also confirmed that the box for automatic calculation under Option/Calculation is checked.

If I use CTL-D to fill down again after the new data is added, the formulas do work but only if I fill down from the next to last row that is working correctly. If I fill down from the last working row the formulas still do not work for the new data even though an inspection indicates again that the formulas are there and reference the correct cells.

Any idea what is happening? Thanks.