Need to fill in cells that look up content by coluimn and row

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Aug 19, 2014
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Hello there, I desperately need help filling in some information in a spreadsheet using formulas so I don't have to do this manually. If you look at the attachment, I have a spreadsheet with 1) the number of a company's shares held by an entity at a given time and another sheet showing 2)the share prices of that company during a date range.

On the second sheet called 'share prices all holdings' I need to figure out how to fill in the highlighted columns from AS to AX. The first step is to find the date that this entity first acquired a company's shares. This information will be in the first sheet, 'Shares held'. I need Excel to look up the company name in 'Shares held', find the first column where there is a number (indicating when shares were first acquired), then give me the date in row 31 that matches when the first number shows up in the row.

For AT, I need to do the opposite and find the last date that this entity held shares in a particular company. As you can see in row 32 of 'share prices all holdings' I have manually put in the information I need. The last date for this particular company would be the "latest" number, since they still currently hold shares.

Then, once I have the first date and last date when this entity held shares, I need to fill in columns AIJ and AV with the share price that corresponds to that date, which are all on the same spreadsheet.

Columns AW and AX will be easy to fill out, if I have the dates filled in in columns AS and AT.

Please help if you can! Any suggests ASAP would be so much appreciated!View attachment 2560