Need Help to update table of contents (Code builded, Modification required)


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Jul 28, 2013
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In the attached sheet, a New sheet (Copy of Main_1 Sheet) can be added by clicking on the button, and can be renamed. Then thru Inpubox new name gets added to the sheet and the same is updated in the table of contents in the Sheet ("Main"). Along with this, the Sheet No and Total no of pages also get updated with the name in the next column.

Now my concern is, instead of Sheet no and total no of pages, what I want is the Next schedule date which will be from the new sheet which I will add by clicking button.

The calculation is next schedule date should be depend upon the actual date ie Sheet("Main_1") Row 5.

To explain it further, initially the Followup 1 Schedule date (B4) should appear in TOC Next Date column. Then when the actual date is entered in cell B5, the next date appear in TOC should be the date which is available in cell C4, again when actual date in cell C5 is enter the next date should be the date in cell D4 and so on....

This means, the Table of contents should keep on changing when the actual date is entered in row 5. and if the next date is blank it should be blank.

Also, will it be possible to delete the name of the sheet from the table of contents when the particular sheet is deleted.

View attachment Patients_Details_New.xlsm

Please let me know if you require any kind of information or let me know if this could not happen what other manipulation can we do.

Many many thanks in advance.

Hope this will work too.

Ketan Bhole