Need consistent formatting / font between two specific ranges on two separate tabs


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Jun 28, 2013
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This is now my second post on this forum and second post today... I am still at work so could not create a HTML Maker. I do however have a sample Excel File of what I am working on... OR i can create an HTML maker once i am home.

I have two tabs, one is a data entry tab and the other is a summary page which references the monthly sales numbers entered in the Data tab. I want the formatting on the "Summary" tab to automatically update to changes on the "Data" tab so they are consistent.

The formatting is as follows:
- Numbers that are red/italicized = estimates
- numbers that are navy = accurate
- Numbers that may have been entered incorrectly are filled red.

This formatting occurs in the range B4:QA20 on the "Data" tab. I need that same formatting to automatically update in the range D17:040 on the "Summary" tab.

Is there a macro/code for this?

Not too sure if this is useful but my data in the Summary range (D17:040) is auto streamed through this function:

Data!$B$4:$QA$20 = range that data is entered in
A18= First Tenant
Data!$B$4:Data!$B$20 = List of all Tenants
C17= Year
D15 = Month
Data!$B$3:$DB$3 = Monthly Dates of the year in the form "2010January" which was converted from "Jan-10" in cell D4 using the formula =YEAR(D4)&TEXT(D4,"mmmm")

Without this consistent format on the summary page, people cannot tell if values are estimated or accurate, which means they cannot tell how accurate rolling 12 numbers, YTD sales are etc...

Thank you!