Need assitance with a complicated lookup tool.


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May 24, 2013
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I'm trying to create a simple lookup tool, which displays cable and equipment data relevant to a selection from a drop down menu. I have attached an example workbook.

There are three worksheets. The first, LOOKUP, has the dropdown menu, sourcing it's data for the list from the second worksheet, T_CODES. On the first worksheet I want one column that will display all of the cables relevant to the selction in the drop down menu. The third sheet, RAW_DATA, has the cable information listed under their respective systems (named by their Turnover Codes); notice how the different systems share some of the same cables.

My biggest difficulty is getting the Column "Cable Number" on the first sheet to dynamically populate the cables (down the sheet, in individual cells) depending on what Turnover Code is selected from the drop down list. Is this even possible?

The live workbook that will be used will contain a lot of data, hence why I'm trying to make an easy tool for people to use. They can simply select the Turnover Code for the system they are working on, and it will display all the cables that concern their system.

Any ideas on how I can do this, or am I coming at this from the wrong direction?


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