Multiple users accessing/saving individual worksheets in a shared workbook


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Feb 5, 2013
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G'day everyone,

I've been using a script provided by Ken from the thread 'Spreadsheets per user Password Protect' (my apologies, I can't post a link until I have a post count of 5).

So far it's been extremely helpful and has done almost everything I've needed it to. However, I'm having trouble when it comes to saving data that's been input by a user. As this workbook will eventually be a shared file on a network, I need to ensure that when a user saves their input, it doesn't have any effect on the input of another user. Each user can only see their own worksheet, as determined by the username and password the login in with then they open the file. Ken's included a piece of code that overrides the normal save function, such that the proper pages are hidden when the program starts. I don't know how to save only the sheet that the user has access to. I've tried making a script with a button in the worksheet, that goes something along the lines of ThisWorkbook.Close (Yes), but when I re-open the workbook, nothing has been saved.

Any ideas?