MSO spreadsheet 11.0 object disappears when xls is opened on shared machine.


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Jul 24, 2012
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I have a shared spreadsheet (rmalog.xls) that is used to log customer repair info. It can be accessed by users both in-house and remotely.

I have created a userform to make it easier to enter the data. Because it is never known how many pieces of equipment are being returned for repair (0-100), I have used a "MSO spreadsheet 11.0" object for entering the model, sn, and problem for each piece.

The problem: While the remote users have no issues, one of the in-house users does. If I open the rmalog.xls on that machine (this is the only one I"ve tried so far), the embedded spreadsheet gets removed from the userform.

If i go to that machine and re-embed the mso spreadsheet 11.0, it runs fine on all machines.

Both machines (mine and the in-house one) are running excel 2003 however, I'm running XP while the other is running win7. But the remotes are running win7 without a problem.

I have loaded the necessary web components reference (OWC11.DLL) to the in-house machine.