Moving values between sheets by using number commands


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Oct 18, 2011
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Hi guys.
I need a little help, but I'm not sure if this one is possible. This is a prep-sheet for aircargo transfer.

In the attachment there is one workbook with 5 sheet.
In the cologne sheet, I have preset two shipments (3029 3896 and 3029 1671), each on 3 skids. There are red numbers below each skid, Nr 1 & 2 which reefer to another sheet called "Load information", ULD number 1 and 2 (the name of the ULD are PAJ 0063 BF and PAJ 076 BF)
When the red number are changed from 1 to 14, it will go on different pallet seen on the load sheet AND sum it up at the same time.

My idea was to take it to the next level, and as seen on "Sheet1" there are two forms, which represent ULD #1 and #2 as seen on Loadinformation.
If we look at the Cologne tab and look at all the red numbers "NR 1", those shipments are on ULD nr 1 on the loadinformation, and on "Sheet1" I need to make note of wich shipments are on that pallet and how many pcs and KG's.

So when I press 1(in the red number, Cologne sheet) I need the number 3029 3896 to apear on sheet1 on the first form under blank AWB line and sum all the PCS and KG's together.
If I press 1 on another shipment (3029 1671), it must also go on the first form on Sheet1 but use the next line below it, sum the pcs togeather and Kg's.

It's really difficult to explain this via text, I hope I managed to do it properly, and again, not sure if this is possible.
If I press 1 on many different shipments(also known as AWB or Farbréfsnúmer), each of them must be in a separate collom. if I press 2 on many shipments, they will go on the other form, and so on and so on, I intend to repeat this process 14 times, if possible

Sorry for the long explain, and many thanks in advanced for taking a look at this.
Best regards, Hjorrip


  • Afhendingaseðlar & Loadinfo.xls
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Mar 13, 2011
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I'm sure that this can be done, but the way you've set up your file is going to make it really really akward. To be honest, it probably makes most sense to build up all the shipment information in a pivot table and then try to extract the relevant pieces to each report using GETPIVOTDATA formulas. But it's going to take a much better understanding of your data and re-write of your entire workbook to make that happen...