Macros for Generating Emails to Unique Users Based on Changes in Cell Values


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Sep 6, 2013
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Hey guys,

I don't know a lot about Macros, so any help will be really appreciated.

I have an Excel file that has data validation, such that each cell has one of 20 possible options. Let's say User A, B, C, etc.
What I'm trying to do is that whenever the Excel file is edited, an email will be sent to each user who was edited in that cell.
For example, imagine C4 was marked with User A, D4 was User B, and E6 was User C. Each User has a unique associated email with their name.
So, I go in and remove User A from C4 and replace D4 with User C - this is just a hypothetical example. Then, I want to send an email to Users A, B, and C saying there were changes associated with the particular cell of which they were a part of. It doesn't need to be a detailed message - it just needs to be generated whenever a user is either added or removed from a particular cell (replacing one user with another would still fall in the aforementioned categories). Then, that Macros would be run manually via Alt+F8, and those emails would go to the applicable users.

Can anyone create a code for that please?

Thank you!