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Oct 30, 2013
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This may get real confusing but I am trying to explain what is going on, In my books my 50+ and OBHITS E-O which stands for Even and Odd are getting jumbled when I reset my games back 1 (one) game. The cells all change colors and that's the red and green cells I am speaking about. Here is an upload. It is a bit hard to read but its the best way I think for me to explain what I am fighting. I have loaded up all 50 games and in 1A it starts Game 50. I then push CTL SHT and L to reset back 1 game to Game 49. In cell 1AA is game 49 except I have not change any of my draw numbers from the Input book input tab so It should read the same as A1. I again reset back 1 to Game 48 in cell 1BA and you can see its the same as Game 49. I reset it 1 more game to Game 47 1CAand as you can see it has changed again. If you continue to look all the way down you will see all my games get jumbled up. For example, look at row 4, row 5 and so on. They are messed up bad and I do not know how to fix them. The easiest way I have found to view these is place your cursor on the row so it lights yup the whole row

The reset I speak of is in the INPUT book INPUT tab. If you push on your key board CTRL SFT and L it will reset the game back 1 game for example game 50 to 49. Everything (all the information) should follow from Game 50 to 49. All the formulas, all the counters EVERYTHING. I am not yelling (; I use caps to emphasize LOL

okay, open the external book. Go to the tab that says 50+ Even - Odd starter. This is the page I speak of when I am saying things like EOEO. Now , in this same book go to the tab #1-A-E-O ( all the tabs are the same way just a different number EVERYTHING) the counters are under columns STUV, these are the same counters that are n the other book. The games are lined out the same way as far as the numbering. Each counter form each page goes into the other book in their perspective cell reference. Game 48 counter for #1 goes from the external book #1 STUV to the Input book Game 48 columns CDEF cells 11-12-13-14. They are all linked together. When I press the restet everything moves _MOD.xlsx

Any help is appreciated. I have tried for numerous months on other forums with no luck


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Dec 16, 2012
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