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Graeme Smith

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Jul 23, 2013
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Canberra Australia
am trying to develop a series of three userforms:

1.the first form (frmEntry) allows the user to choose what they want to do - either add a new client, or update details of an existing client.
2.the second form (frmForm) allows the user to add details of a new client. As users may not complete the form there are a couple of places in the form where they can Save & Exit.
3.the third form (frmUpdate) allows the user to update details and finalise the partially completed record.

I have built the frmEntry and frmForm userforms, however I have no idea how I go about building the frmUpdate userform. I figure there are a few issues I need to overcome, these are:

1.find the existing client via a search within the frmUpdate userform.
2.once the client is found then any existing client information needs to be loaded into the frmUpdate userform.
3.when frmUpdate is completed by the user the information needs loading into the spreadsheet without creating a duplicate record - i.e. i don't want 1 x completed record and 1 x partial record - I only want the completed record. This form is yet to have the coding inserted.

The spreadsheet is attached so if someone could provide some assistance I would greatly appreciate it. Regards Graeme


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