List Box Selection and copying to another sheet


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Mar 5, 2013
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I need some help to figure out how to copy a set of data from a table to a different sheet, based on a list box selection (single-not multiple). I’ve been exploring the net and trying our many options for the past 2 days, and couldn’t figure it out. Any help would be highly appreciated.

I have 3 worksheets in my excel work book Student Data, Lists and Reports

Student Data work sheet has all the student data, the columns and data are
Student Name, Course, Sem1, Sem2, Sem3, Sem4, Sem5, Sem6
Jack Louis CSC121 75
Jack Louis CSC225 95
John Kerry MTD155 85
John Kerry CSC225 89
Matilda Lu CSC 225 96
Matilda LU CSC121 94
Cristina Williams ISC155 97
Cristina Williams CSC121 95

In the List worksheet I have the Lists created for students, courses and sems

In the reports worksheet I have created the list box (form control), and linked it to the respective list (Student, Course & Sems) from the Lists worksheet.
E.g.The Student listbox in the “Report” worksheet is linked to the “Student_List” in the “Lists” worksheet.
Now, the problem is, when I choose a student from the student Listbox(E.G, John Kerry), I need all his course and sem values to be populated to the report sheet anywhere, it doesn’t matter. I need to use that to create chart and reports.
I tried using Vlookup, Hlookup, Choose, and many more functions, as I’m not an excel expert, couldn’t figure it out. Like I said before any help would be highly appreciated.