IFERROR - copy part of a row when critera is met


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Feb 16, 2012
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Hi All,

Please refer to attached spreadsheet for my issue, Sheet 3 (February 2012) half works but puts too much info in I want to streamline it to just show what has actually been done for each client that Month only not all claims.

The forumla I'm using is this:)

=IFERROR(IF(MONTH(INDEX('PPS Monitoring'!I$2:I$521,SMALL(POS,ROW(I1))))=MONTH($I$1),INDEX('PPS Monitoring'!I$2:I$521,SMALL(POS,ROW(I1))),""),"")

What this does is takes entries from Sheet 1 (Post Placement Tracking) Column I and places an entry into sheet 4 (March 2012) column E if the entry in Sheet 1 Column i is in March.

However I want Sheet 4 to fill the entries in A,B & C if there are entries in E .. I had one formula that did this but it filled the whole row not just where I wanted the data to be.

I will also duplicate this to fill data from Sheet 1 Column E to Sheet 4 Column D and Sheet 1 Column L to Sheet 4 Column F with just entries in A, B & C as well. Once I get it working.

I am very new to this and am stumbling my way through this with help, so the feedback will need to be fairly basic for me, feel free to use the spreadsheet if that helps. Or if there is a better way to do this, please let me know :)

Thanks in Advance


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