How to use camera for dashboarding

Roger Govier

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Mar 21, 2011
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It is probably easiest to use if you first place the Camera tool on your QAT (Quick Access Toolbar).
To do this go to File>Options>Quick Access Toolbar>select All command from the Choose Commands from dropdown.
Scroll down till you reach the Camera and click the Add button then click OK to close the dialogue.
There will now be a Camera icon at the end of your QAT>

Select a range of cells (from any sheet) and then click the Camera icon.
Select the sheet where you want the camera image to appear, and using the hairline cross, mark the area that the image will occupy, then click the left mouse button.
You will now see the same information as the cells you originally selected, and any change in the values in the source cells will be reflected in the camera image.

You can place as many images as you want on the sheet and size them to suit your purpose, independent of any row heights or column widths, as the image "sits above" the sheet and is independent of row or column sizing.

So, with the camera you can have images form many different sheets all displayed as a single dashboard.