How to display exact values in pivote table in case it is a % data source


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Jan 11, 2014
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2016 and 2019

Using Excel 2010 32bit x86.

I am making a very simple clean model for call center calls to report various kind of information about all calls.

The excel workbook is attached

As you can see in the attached worksheet I've created a sheet for data entry titled Data-Entry where I can fill in values for count of calls (sorry if you realize illogical numbers because I've used the random numbering of cells without duplicate - ASAP Utilities).

The data I will fill in manually is the data exist in cells with yellow colors and all the rest to the right will be processed as a result of the equations I've filled in.

I've no problem with sheets (Data-Entry - Calls-Report - Net-Calls-Report) so far.

My problem is the data shown in pivot table in sheets (Today Calls-Report (%) - Total-Calls-Report (%) ) ... as you can see I can not show them correctly as I need.

My question is => How to display result shown in sheets {Today Calls-Report (%) - Total-Calls-Report (%) } in % format instead of the current formats ?