Horizontal boxplots with negative values


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Oct 16, 2013
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Dear All,

I am trying to do a horizontal boxplot with negative values as shown in the attached excel sheet. However, I am facing several issues with this. I tried to do vertical boxplots (figure a in the attached file) with the same data and was able to successfully create it.

I essentially employed a similar procedure for the horizontal plot as that of the vertical plot but this is not yielding the results. I used the procedure shown on the blogpro website (Creating a boxplot in Excel 2007 with negative values in dataset).

It seemed to work fine until I have added the dummy series (violet color series) to the plot (figure b). Once I added the dummy series to the plot and moved the 1st quartlie, median, and 3rd quartile seriesto the secondary axis, my plot (Y-values) is getting reversed. However, the labels on the Y-axis remain the same. I do not understand the reason for this.

Moreover, when I tried to add the mean values (blue series) to the plot and tried to convert it into a scatter type marker (as done in figure a), a message is popping up saying Some chart types cannot be combined with other chart types. Select a different chart type.

Can anyone please help me with these issues. The excel sheet is attached.


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