Highlighting selected cells in column B and C


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Oct 22, 2012
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Hi, I am using Excel 2007, I have several columns on a spread sheet but the fields I am referring to are in columns B & C.
Column A which is called Dept has validation in cell A2 where a user selects a department from the dropdown list as a result of the selection, it displays all the records for that Dept in column B called “CC” starting from B2. These records vary from 1 record to 50 records. When a record is selected from column B (CC) column, it displays all the groups for that CC in column C called “MACH_GRP” starting from C2. These records also vary from 1 record to 50 records. My question is how can the selected cell in column B and selected cell in column C be highlighted whenever a selection is made. In the example below 75252 is selected from the CC field in column B therefore should be highlighted and XXXXX is selected from the MACH_GRP field in column C and therefore should be highlighted. If the user changes the selection from “75252” in the “CC” field to “11111”, that should switch the highlight from “75252” to “11111”. Same theory applies to column C. How can I achieve this goal. Thanks in advance for your help
11111 XXXXX
45456 mmmm
75252 NNNNN
2Xt y54jff