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Aug 1, 2013
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Please I need help on how to use CONDITIONAL FORMATING on a student score sheet that I am preparing.

I have three worksheets as follows: JSS1_1[SUP]st[/SUP] CA, JSS1_2[SUP]nd[/SUP] CA and JSS1_Exam.

The CA worksheets are used to generate positions for CA scores which can either be one[1] CA or two[2] per term while the exam worksheet is used to sum up the total of the 2CA’s and to enter the exam score in order to get the total mark scored over 100 and the positions for the students.

My problem is that I want to put a conditional formatting on the exam worksheet so that any student that falls below 45% of the total marks obtainable would be highlighted but the problem is that I want it in such a way that when
a. its only one CA it should be detected if the mark is not above 20 marks
b. when the mark under the CA column is above 20 marks then it should be considered as two CA’s
c. also, when it is only one CA, the mark for exam would be 80 marks
d. but if it is two CA’s the mark for exam would be 60 marks
e. the 100 marks for total is constant under both conditions
f. Note: pass mark is 45% for (40, 60 and 100) marks.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Please also help me on how to attach excel file to message because I would have love to attach the file.


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