Help me please! with VBA Macro - One Excel sheet which extracts information


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Jan 10, 2013
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Hi guys,

I am very new to VBA Macro's and kinda on a tight schedule, which is why any input will be helpful!! I have looked at multiple other posts and threads relating to similar situations, however i have not been able to adapt the macro's to what i need.

The Excel file which i want to gather the data is called "SavingsDatabase". It should gather the data from multiple Excel sheets which all have the same format within a specified folder using a command button. (all .xlsm).

To take an example, within the SavingsDatabase (located "C:\Project\Savings Report\" i would press a Extract Information button which will then go to folder "C:\Project\Savings Report\Savings Projects" and locate the cell "Project Title" (C,4) from all the files within the specified folder "Savings Projects" and paste within cell (A,4) then (A,5 etc..) in the SavingsDatabase file. I hope this makes sense !

I will attach the SavingsDatabase file with an example Excel Sheet (Momo) so that what im asking is more clear.


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