Help!! find two number recurring numbers in row??


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Apr 7, 2013
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Hi everyone, new to posting on this forum so thank you for your patience.
I have a spreadsheet which has data in 7 columns and around 100 rows. I want to be able to find what two numbers appear most frequent together on each of the rows. They don’t have to appear side by side they can appear anywhere on the row. It is kind of like the mode but instead of finding which number is most frequent it is to find what two numbers appear most frequent on each row? To give a better idea of what i mean I have attached some sample data. The red highlighted numbers of 26 & 29 appear 5 times on separate rows so I would want Excel to indicate that 26 & 29 are the most frequent on each row? The numbers can only appear once on a row and the range is between 1-50...
Sorry if the explanation is not clear it’s hard to put in words.
I have searched all around but can find a solution, any help from you excel gods would be much appreciated.

Thank you..... :p:p


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