Four Different Fill Color to match text through formula or any other command in Excel


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Nov 24, 2021
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Hi everyone! During scrutiny/shortlisting of documents of the applicants who had applied for a post I want to categorize their experience as following with colors

1. Govt. experience = Green Fill Color
2. Private experience (Defined) = Yellow Fill Color
3. Private experience (Not Defined) = Orange Fill Color
4. Irrelevant experience = Blue Fill Color

Now, I want that as I entered applicant previous (i) Post (ii) Department and (iii) Years of experience (any 01, 02 or all above categories for one applicant) the columns of Post, Department and Experience should be colored automatically with above colors.

Attached is the example for ready reference please

Automatic Colors to different categories in shortlisting of documents.jpg
It would be a good idea to upload a representative workbook, second, we'd need to know how we identify which, if any, of those experiences apply and where we'd have to look.
Conditional formatting would probably be the way to go.

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