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Dec 9, 2013
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I Have two questions.

  • 1. is is possible once data has been filtered to auto space the data out into groups or does it always come as one complete list.
  • 2. If you have multiple excell tables on one sheet with the same layout is is possible to creat one custom drop down box filter that will filter all of the tables at the same time. if so how do you do it
  • I am trying to creat a call tracker spread sheet however i have a bit of difficulty when it comes to a certain cell and fourmula. There is a coloum called dispatched y/n and coloum called date. if a call comes in and is dispatched to an engineer a yes is entered in the dispatched box and then automaticaly in the date box appears date and time of dispatch. what happens for me is it works but when i save and close it down for the day and then re-open it the following day, the date has changed. I need store the value for each day the call is dispatched. ie if the call is dispatched to day it auto enters the date and time of dispatch and then does not change.

I have used the following will this do what i am asking for =IF(J6="Y",NOW(),"")
if so can someone modify it so if the =IF(J6="Y",NOW(),"") and if =No display " to be be Dispatched"

Sorry if this is a duplicate posting I posted my original in the wrong thread so the post in general or other questions please delete.:confused2: