Extracting a date from a column and appending another column's data to it


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Dec 7, 2012
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I have a file that has a column of dates in DD-MON-YYYY format. I want to create a corresponding column that looks at the original data, determines what the year is and puts the year only value in the new column.

I also have another column that has about ten choices of verbs that I would like to create a column that appends this verb to the year.

So if I have “21-NOV-2012” in the first column, and “DIE CAST” in the second column, I would somehow like to end up with a column that has “2012 DIE CAST” as my final output.

It doesn’t matter if I do this in one cell of formula, or if I have to set up multiple cells to achieve it.

So far I have been messing around with IF statements combined with DATE and YEAR statements and nothing seems to give me what I need.

Can anyone help?