excel send an email based on cell value (Date)


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Feb 27, 2013
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Hi there,

I am new for excel and do not know much about VBA or macro script. So wonder if you can help me.

I have excel sheet and i want to send an email based on date value in excel cell.

excel question.jpg

as per attachment i have actual loading date colon (L3) and i want to send an email to two users before two days of that actual loading date. I also want to send an email to the same users after 8 days of date of discharge (R3) . I want to add Voyage No (A3) in email weather in subject or in body of email. I do not want to attach sheet with email.

I would like to send an email weather file is open or closed. i use outlook 2007 and user whom i want to send an email will be same each time.

i will Highly appreciate if some one can help with this one.


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