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Aug 26, 2016
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I'm attempting to optimize a process. The short version is like this;
I need an excel compatible barcode scanner, that can take info off of a packet and populate the appropriate info to the appropriate cells in MS Excel. Also, need some info to populate on a Label Program. So the process envisioned is, operator scans his packet and the thresholds, part number, and lot number populate to specific cells in MS Excel, AND part number and lot number populate to the label program. I think that if I create another spreadsheet that has the thresholds and part number attached to the lot number... that when scanned it will deliver the lot number as well as the thresholds and part numbers attached to it...

So... any recommendations for the barcode scanners?

What type of logic will I need to use to deliver the data where I need it?

Any help for making the barcode scanner deliver data to the label program?

Any help appreciated, Thanks