Excel Planner for the Womens' Soccer World Cup 2011 in Germany


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Mar 22, 2011
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Hi all...

I would like to present our Excel Planner for the Women's Soccer World Cup 2011 in Germany;
many thanks to Ken for allowing me to post the link to our site :)

The planner is a conjoint work from my friends Andreas, André, me and my partner Claudia.
Last year, we released the planner for the first time for the World Cup in South Africa
and we got - for us - incredible feedback. So, we decided to keep on the work this year
and create a new version for this World Cup.

The planner is currently available in German, English and French. We have also created
a website in the three languages mentionned before. PS: as my English is not really the
best, if someone has suggestions to improve the translation, please contact me.
Here's the link to english site (for german or french, replace en by de or fr in the link)...


Of course, the planner is absolutely free and you can download the planner from its website
as XLS document (~12 MB) or as XLSX document (~3MB).

If you would like to give us feedback to the planner or if you want to contribute to the
project (for example help to translate or to improve features), please contact me via PN
from this forum or via the mail adress mentionned in the planner. And, of course, please
don't hesitate to contact us, if you find an error. And If you have questions concerning
the planner, feel free to post here.

Hope, you enjoy the Cup :)

Best regards :)