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Jul 24, 2013
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I have this Excel which holds the list of all our employees during a contract of max. 2 years.
For reporting we need to keep the number of positives, negatives, etc ... (people found work after
their time with us, ...)

Using Autofilter I can change the view according to the filter settings to the number of people that
are considered positive for our reporting, etc ...
The one view I am having difficulty with is to find all people that were in contract
between 2 dates (beginning and end) that are specified in 2 cells. (These 2 dates are used to calculate for
example the rate of positive trajectories ....) Autofilter doesn't allow values from cells??

Anyway I am trying to set up buttons to avoid having to input the values in the filter to view automatically
positives, negatives, currently in contract, etc.. so eventually this has to go into a macro. The current one
(button "Since Beginning") does NOT work however.

I have a column (J) for the calculated end date (normally after 2 years the contract ends) and a column (K) for the real end date
(due to various reasons people end their contract before their time)
So in order to find people between beginning and end date in contract I should find all rows with date in column K between beginning and
end date AND in some cases those with empty column K (those are still active!).
I cannot find the anwser using advanded Autofilter (one can NOT reference a
cell as a value???) and the macro doesn't work either.

Anyway maybe i am complicating things so any ideas are welcome. For privacy reasons made all persons unrecognizable in Attached file



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