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Jul 17, 2012
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Hi Guy & Girls,

Have a current situation with an alarms list from DCS system at work output file is .CSV.

Each alarm has specific tag and all have priority ratings

What I would like is a template type WorkSheet with possibly some code/VBA where by when the alarms list in copied and pasted from DCS to excel file all high priority alarms are flagged i.e. cell turns red or something to that effect

Included is the worksheet:
The Tag Name is unique and does not appear anywhere else.
Element Number, Alarm Message, Priority, Action, Responsibility and Comments are not unique.

Not all alarms will occur in a daily process (i.e. maybe only 3000 and some may never alarm) thus what I need is a template type file, where by the alarms that occur on a specific date can be copied from the DCS into this file.

Once copied they will then flag each appropriate Tag Name and also if possible to have a counter for the amount of time an alarm has being processed.

Excel is file attached

Dont have much knowledge of VBA but would appreciate push in the right direction. Using Excel 2007 also

Thanks for your help in advance.


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Hi there, welcome to the board!

I want to make sure I understand this correctly before I press on towards a solution.

The file you posted, this is a master list? I understand the Tag Name is basically a unique/primary key while the other columns of data are not. So you will have this file, then you will get another file from the alarm system. It is with this other file that you want to check against the data you posted. What you want to check is what Tag Name's matched, along with a count? I'm not sure what you mean about the maount of time an alarm has being (been?) processed. I don't see any date/time values here. Would that come from the other file?

If you could also post a sample of the alarm file that would be helpful. Give us a little more information.
Forget about the count amount maybe not as important as initially expected.
This attachment is what we get from the DCS which is in CSV format but could not upload it to forum unless it is in xlxs format.


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Can you confirm anything else I posted? I'm still a little lost as to what you want as a final product. Also, please confirm if that is indeed how you want to handle these files.