Creating Licensing/ Registration for MS Excel Files

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Aug 22, 2014
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I have made following 5 Microsoft Excel Files (each of them has headings with filters).
File #1 is Telephone Directory
File #2 is Office Accounts System
File # 3 is Office Management System
File # 4 is Contact Directory
File # 5 is also Directory.
(I have set properties of all above files to hidden.)

I have created a MS Excel file named ‘Start’ which is visible (not hidden) and when the client clicks/opens it, a user form (which I have created in MS EXCEL Visual Basic) loads up. From this user form the client can select which File to open. So rather than opening each file separately, the client can open it from this user form).

My aim is to sell this software to my clients.
The problem is MS Excel security is not that strong, even if I password protect it, or hide all sheets and forcing users to enable macros….. its not fool proof. And any experienced user in Visual Basic and MS Excel will by bypass it.

What I Want :
Firstly I would give my client a demo version, so he can see the software and if he likes it and gives me payment, Then I will provide him full version.
The program should have some sort of registration procedure having 1 license per pc (and it would check the motherboard serial number or hard disk serial number of clients computer and register it, so registration is locked with clients computer hardware).
(Also when the program is run for the first time on any pc, then it would only run on that pc only)
Secondly i don’t want anyone to copy my data, by hacking the directory and reading or copying ms excel files .
Program registration and installation (if required) should be very easy and user friendly. Client need not install any third party softwares (as it is very lengthy procedure)

Can you suggest some other language for such a program.
What do you recommend for such a program ? Should it be made in Exel or any other programing language?

If you can provide additional suggestions or solutions also. Kindly let me know appropriate solution to this problem.

Thankyou for your time.